Catalogue descriptions

MALVINE currently offers manuscript data from these libraries, archives and museums:
Biblioteca Universidad Complutense Madrid
The manuscripts collection at the Universidad Complutense Madrid forms part of the University’s general bibliographic catalogue. The collection is composed of ancient and modern items, principally relating to medicine, law and philology. In addition, the University collection includes unpublished theses from the 19th century originating from the Complutense and all other Spanish Universities. An additional source of data derives from the so called Real Colegio de Cirugía de San Carlos, which includes personal archives of medical doctors and teachers.
Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal
The Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal offers the following information about the Contemporary Portuguese Culture Archive (ACPC) via MALVINE:
ACPC-Guide lists the contents of each separate collection that belongs to the ACPC. The ACPC includes about one hundred collections of significant Portuguese authors from the 19th and 20th centuries, such as Eça de Queirós, Fernando Pessoa, Almada Negreiros, José Saramago, etc.
ACPC-Cat contains the full descriptions of some of the collections.
British Library
All the British Library’s catalogue records represented in its online catalogue Molcat are searchable via MALVINE. Searches in MALVINE will return item level records, from which a link can be made to the associated collection level descriptions in Molcat. A further link (Find Index References) can then be followed to view Molcat’s own item level records for the collection in question, sorted alphabetically. For a comprehensive description of the contents of Molcat visit the British Library’s website. Please note that the British Library’s catalogue records are not available to MALVINE’s Extended Search.
Deutsches Literaturarchiv
The Kallías database system of the Deutsches Literaturarchiv provides MALVINE with approx. 113,300 records describing modern literary manuscripts on single item level. Besides many catalogue records of separate manuscripts, items belonging to the following collections and archives are and will be systematically recorded: Publishing house Albert-Langen-Georg-Müller, Alfred Döblin, Martin Gregor-Dellin, Paul Fechter, Theodor Heuss, Erich Kästner, Alfred Kelletat, Günter Kunert, Harald Landry, Publishing house Luchterhand, Karl Otten, Heinrich Mann, Victor Lange, Arthur Schnitzler, Dolf Sternberger, Carl Zuckmayer etc. Cataloguing levels range from detailed descriptions of single sheets to a summary list of correspondence. An additional and complementary 150,000 records of Deutsches Literaturarchiv are provided in MALVINE via Kalliope.
Forschungsstelle und Dokumentationszentrum für Österreichische Philosophie
The Forschungsstelle und Dokumentationszentrum für Österreichische Philosophie provides MALVINE with more than 13,000 item level descriptions of manuscripts and letters by Austrian philosophers of the 19th and 20th century. A large part of this collection concerns Franz Brentano (1838-1917) and his influential school of philosophy. Some 3,000 items are available as digital facsimiles.
Institut Mémoires de l’édition contemporaine
The Institut Mémoires de l’édition contemporaine at present provides MALVINE with data of the collection of the publishing house Aubier-Montaigne (1914-1985). These include records of contractual agreements, copyrights files, typescripts, production files, correspondence, legal files, accounting files, photographs, advertisements, press cuttings, etc. In the near future the Institut Mémoires de l’édition contemporaine will integrate several other finding aids in the MALVINE system related to contemporary French authors and book trade collections.
Österreichische Nationalbibliothek
The Catalogue of Literary Estates and Autographs (Nachlass- und Autographenkatalog, NAK) of the Austrian National Library is available to MALVINE. It contains collection level descriptions about modern literary estates and autographs from five different collections of the Austrian National Library: the Austrian Literary Archives, the Department of Manuscripts, Autographs and Closed Collections, the Department of Music, the Department of Broadsheets, Posters and Exlibris and the Department of Planned Languages and International Esperanto Museum. Additionally the catalogue partly documents, via item level descriptions, literary estates and autographs held by the Austrian Literary Archive, the Department of Music and the single autographs of the Department of Manuscripts, Autographs and Closed Collections that were acquired since 1998. A detailed description of the catalogue is available at (in German):
Swiss National Library
The Swiss National Library provides MALVINE with data relating to two collections:
Swiss Manuscripts is the Index of Archival Collections held in Swiss Libraries and Archives, a union catalogue of over 7,000 short descriptions of manuscripts collections and fonds kept in more than 260 institutions in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Records are in German, French, Italian or Rhaeto-Romance depending on the language of the holding institution.
Swiss Literary Archives is the main catalogue of the Swiss National Library, Helveticat, which includes extensive collection level descriptions of the fonds held by the Swiss Literary Archives. Records are in German, French or Italian depending on the main language of the fonds.
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin – Preußischer Kulturbesitz
Kalliope, the German Union Catalogue of Modern Manuscripts and Letters, provides MALVINE with more than 540,000 item level descriptions of letters kept in German libraries, archives and museums. Please note that many of the participating institutions will steadily make new records available and that further institutions are expected to join the Kalliope-consortium in future. Note that some data of the Deutsches Literaturarchiv, mainly represented in MALVINE by the Kallías system, are to be found via Kalliope. However, data of the Deutsches Literaturarchiv provided in Kalliope and Kallías are complementary to each other.